Professional Degree:
Lawyer (granted by the Chilean Supreme Court)
Academic Degree:
Graduate in Legal Sciences
10 semesters
Study arrangements:
Dra. Pamela Mendoza Alonzo
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Phone: 45 - 2596566



Program Information

A lawyer, trained at the Universidad de La Frontera, will stand out for his high level and deep knowledge of legal sciences, his commitment to the protection of human dignity and the democratic state under the rule of law, and for being a dedicated litigator, defending the human rights. He is a competent legal advisor of entrepreneurship, business projects and activities generating goods and services; has extensive knowledge of the best legal forms needed for these activities, and special knowledge of the legal framework of economic phenomena; is qualified to carry out efficient management, modern and managerial, in public activities and entities, representing the interests of the common good, at the service of the people, as well as integrating the justice bodies with integrity and social responsibility.