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015 pedagogia castellano comunicacion sello


Professional Degree:
Spanish and Communications Teacher
Academic Degree:
Graduate in Education
10 semesters
Study arrangements:
Semi-annual, daytime, semi-flexible curriculum

Dr. Sonia Betancour
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Phone: (45) 2325397


Program Information

A Spanish and Communications Teacher, trained at the Universidad de La Frontera, is a teaching professional who critically and reflexively interprets knowledge and culture in the development of teaching, based on solid current theoretical and practical knowledge in teaching of the Spanish language, communications and the interpretation and production of literary and non-literary texts in the different contexts in which they are found. Sensitivity and creativity – both particular aspects of the training – will allow him to recognize and assess situations specific for languages and cultures and of artistic expression and knowledge, always committed to the socio-educational environment.

He will be able to work in education, taking the diversity of educational, cultural and intercultural contexts and processes into consideration. He will also have the skills to integrate the teaching of the Spanish language, the literature and communications with the paradigms, approaches and methodologies that contribute to the improvement of learning and the social and cultural performance of the students, fully evaluating the educational process and considering the results in the decision making for practice improvement.

He will ethically act responsible and with professional and social commitment, emphasizing communication skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership and constant updating. These attributes will allow him to act autonomously and to increase his employability conditions in different scenarios.

Occupational field

A Spanish and Communications Teacher, graduated from the Universidad de La Frontera, can work in establishments of secondary education, bicultural institutes, cultural outreach organizations or designing educational projects.