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With the objective to promote the work of female researchers, the Chilean Academy of Science opened the contest of Excellence in Science “Adelina Gutiérrez” 2017.

The contest is addressed to young female scientists from Chile or abroad, resident in Chile, maximum age 40 years (on December 5, 2017), who did or are developing a career as a leading researcher in Chile.

The price consists of US$ 1500 (equivalent in national currency) for the winner who will be chosen by a jury of members of the Chilean Academy of Science.

The candidates have to hand in their complete academic curriculum, with information such as education, research work, prizes and presentations, and a sample of the most relevant publications (max. 5).

These documents have to be presented at the Academy of Science, Almirante Montt 454, Santiago, Chile (Monjitas alt. 500, between Mosqueto and Miraflores, Metro Bellas Artes), until October 21, 2017, at 5 p.m.
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The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) and the Spanish Rectors´ Conference (CRUE) signed an agreement to establish the bases for mutual cooperation, the realization of academic, teaching and research activities, the dissemination of culture, and the extension of services in all areas of mutual interest.

Complying with the function of establishing international links for cooperation between different universities, the Council of Rectors (CRUCH), represented by its Executive Vice-President, Rector Aldo Valle, signed the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Rectors´ Conference (CRUE). This agreement, which started at the moment it was signed at the headquarter of the CRUE in Madrid, Spain, wants to strengthen the alliance between both entities in order to exchange models of good practice, advance in the recognition of degrees, joint PhD programs and agreements on double degrees between Spanish and Chilean universities, and encourage mobility and research collaboration. It is valid for three years and can be renewed for the same period of time, in accordance with both parties.

With the objective of the correct fulfillment of this agreement and the details specified in it, there will be a mixed commission, represented by two members of the CRUE and two members of the CRUCH. One of the members of each party will necessarily be general secretary of the entity or person for which he/she delegates.

The delegation of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, present at the signing ceremony of this agreement, was represented by the CRUCH Executive Vice-President and Rector of the Universidad de Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, the Rector of the Universidad de La Frontera, Sergio Bravo, the Rector of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Darcy Fuenzalida, the President and Vice-President of the CRUCH Internationalization Commission, Julio Crespo and Marcos Avilés, and the Academic Director of the Council of Rectors, Cristian Blanco.

The delegation of the Spanish Rectors´ Conference CRUE, was represented by the CRUE President, Segundo Píriz Durán, the General Secretary, María Teresa Lozano Mellado, the Director of General Services, Carlos Martínez, the Director of Coordination and Support for Sectoral Commissions, Gema Luna, and the responsible for Institutional Projects, Víctor Jiménez Jara.

Continuing with the program, the CRUCH delegation had a meeting with the vice-rectors and directors of International Cooperation of the CRUE and CRUCH, who are at the EAIE Conference of the European Association of International Education in Seville, Spain.

 Source: CRUCH Communications Area

Heilongjiang University

Tiajin Agricultural University

The UFRO delegation will focus its activities on the Heilongjiang University and the Tianjin Agricultural University.

One of the main goals of the Universidad de La Frontera is to extend and strengthen the international networks of collaboration. This time, a group of university authorities went to the People´s Republic of China in order to formalize a framework cooperation agreement and establish new relations.

Part of the UFRO delegation are the Vice-rector of Undergraduate Affairs, Ana Moraga; the director of the International Affair´s Office, Pamela Leal; the director of Libraries and Information Resources, Roberto Araya; and the Advisor for Relations with China, Qingjun Wu.

The agenda for the visit includes a series of activities and meetings. One of the main activities will take place on Monday, September 4th, in the city of Harbin, at the University of Heilongjiang, where the Vice-rector, Ana Moraga, and the Rector of the Chinese Institution, Fu Honggang, will sign an International Cooperation Agreement.

This new alliance will formalize the cooperation, considering the promotion of academic exchange at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and the differentuniversity activities. They will also work on the development of a program of Spanish as a second language, which will take place at the UFRO for the students of the Chinese institution.

The Heilongjian University offers a wide range of disciplines, including arts, science, foreign languages, engineering, management, etc. and has about 35 thousand students, plus 5 thousand in postgraduate programs and another 2 thousand students from abroad.

The activities of the delegation will go on at the Tianjin Agricultural University, with which the UFRO already signed a Cooperation Agreement this year, when authorities and representatives of the Asian institution visited the UFRO. The aim of this agreement is to take actions in different areas of knowledge, from which both institutions benefit.

The activities at this university will take place on September 7 and 8. The program includes an official visit and work meetings in order to advance in specific areas of the cooperation.


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EAIE 2017

The UFRO Chile participates in International EAIE Conference to position itself as destiny for European students

The UFRO participates in the 29th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Seville, Spain, presenting the academic offer for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and the opportunities for international student mobility.

Europe’s biggest Convention for higher education and student mobility will take place from 12-15 September 2017 at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Center (FIBES) in Spain. The theme of the 2017 conference is “A mosaic of culture” and institutions from all over the world are participating, including 16 educational establishments from Chile.

The Universidad de La Frontera is also part of the delegation of national institutions that are present at the 2017 EAIE Conference. The UFRO representative is the director of the International Affairs Office, Dr. Pamela Leal, who will join the group of more than 200 exhibitors and 5 thousand representatives of higher education from all over the world who are coming to Seville.

“The main continent where the foreign students in Chile come from is Europe. They come to Latin America in order to find a space for complementing their training and, of course, to live an international exchange experience”, said Dr. Pamela Leal.

At the same time, she pointed out that Chile has a series of advantages and characteristics that transform the country into a privileged destiny for foreigners and in the case of the UFRO, the interest increases more and more.

“At this international encounter, we want to share who we are as a University. Therefore we will present our offer of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and invite the Europeans to live a study experience at a state University of quality, in a region like the Araukania with its privileged environment because of its nature and culture”, she added.

This annual conference is organized by the European Association for International Education (EAIE) and besides opening and showing the potential of international mobility, the aim is also to establish networks and strengthen the partnerships between different universities and countries.

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UFRO ranking THE

Once again, the prestigious ranking places the UFRO as one of the best universities in Chile and in first place as a regional state university.

Once again, the prestigious ranking places the UFRO as one of the best universities in Chile and in first place as a regional state university.

The excellence of the Universidad de La Frontera is recognized and valued once again. This time by the Times Higher Education Rankings 2018, which ranks the UFRO in ninth place of the national universities and as number 1 of the regional state universities.

This report of the THE World University Rankings 2018 judged the best universities in the world, a total of 1,102 institutions (121 more than in 2017), among which are 13 Chilean universities, 5 of them state universities. The UFRO stands out as the second best state university of Chile after the Universidad de Chile.

In the global report, where the Times Higher Education Ranking judges research-intensive universities by using 13 performance indicators, such as teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook, the UFRO is placed in the section 801-1000.

The Times Higher Education Ranking is one of the most prestigious international rankings that evaluates the levels of complexity of universities.



Posición en Ranking THE

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Universidad de Valparaíso


The Scimago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2017 report ranked the Universidad de La Frontera as one of the best universities in Chile, in 11th place at the national and in 84th place at the Latin American level (higher education area), climbing two places up compared to 2016.

The SIR is based on three areas: research (50%), innovation (30%) and social impact (20%). At the general level, the UFRO is in the 78th percentile in research, the 57th percentile in innovation and in the 50th percentile in social impact.
In 2009, the UFRO was in 764th place and in 2017 in the 632nd, climbing 132 places up in 8 years.


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