UFRO ranking THE

UFRO maintains leadership and shows results of excellence in the areas of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Once again, the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) occupies an important position in the report published by the Times Higher Education Latin America University Rankings 2017.

In the international register, the UFRO – a public, state and regional university – achieved to stay within a privileged place in Latin America and in Chile.

The Rector Sergio Bravo pointed out: "To be the best state University of the regions and to rank among the best 10 in Chile and among the top 35 in Latin America, this is a result that reflects the excellence with which the entire UFRO community is developing the work during years, achieving a prestigious and consolidated position in national and international quality measurements.”

He added, that this position also "values the institutional trajectory and the efforts that have been invested as a state and regional University which is committed to quality, especially when we included our indispensable commitment to excellence and precision in our work.”


In this version, the Times Higher Education rated 81 universities in Latin America, using the same criteria as the World University Rankings, but with special modifications to better reflect the qualities of Latin America´s institutions. This way, 13 separate performance indicators of the main tasks – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook – are used to evaluate the world-class educational institutions.

The director of Academic Quality, Dr. Martha Ramírez, pointed out that "the international recognition of the THE to our Institution, for the second consecutive year, is a confirmation of the quality of our processes and results, and also allows us to know how we are doing at the national and international level in the dimensions analyzed and to identify opportunities for improvement.”

"This ranking is one of the most prestigious, nationally and internationally, because it expresses the levels of complexity of university institutions. The position we achieved this year, is the result of an institutional development policy that focuses on complexity and quality as the guiding principles of the tasks and that, incidentally, are the most valued aspects by the entities which we are linked to as UFRO – such as Conicyt – in order to generate new projects, and that use this prestigious ranking as one of the conditions of eligibility to apply for a Becas-Chile Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the best universities in the world”, stressed the director of Analysis and Institutional Development, Dr. Ricardo Herrera.

The Director of International Affairs, Dr. Pamela Leal, highlights another aspect: "For the objective of internationalization of our University, to rank as one of the best State and Region Universities of Chile in this important ranking is a result that opens us more and new doors and benefits the entire UFRO Community in Chile and abroad".

Even though, this position continues to give prestige to the UFRO in the national and Latin American scenario and as a leader in the Araucanía Region, the Rector, Sergio Bravo, emphasized that this achievement also implies an even bigger motivation to advance in the challenges of the institution: "This ranking confirms that we are on the right track, but also encourages us with regard to the goals that we have set ourselves, and that involves the work of the entire University Community."


written byWritten by: Direction of Communications