cafe linguistico

Student Development Office launches Linguistic Café to promote cultural encounters and the use of four different languages

The main objective of this innovative initiative,launched by the Student Development Office, is to promote and improve the use of different languages in open conversations.

The activity will take place on August 23rd, 30th and on Wednesday, 6th of September at the refectory Las Notros at 5 pm.

We invite the whole university community to participate in this activity that includes the languages English, French, German and Mapudungun. The students who are interested in participating simply have to be at the indicated place at the indicated time.

The idea of the Linguistic Café is to sit down with a group of people and have a conversation, which is guided by a native speaker or a language expert.

Another goal of this innovative activity is to get fluent speakers, native speakers and beginners together, in order to get to know each other and to practice and improve their language skills in an entertaining group activity.

“This activity has been introduced and developed in different parts of the world in order to promote and practice different languages. Considering our reality at the UFRO, we thought of these four languages, including Mapudungun as a kind of responsibility and because of its relevance for our environment”, says Camilo Vásquez who is responsible for this activity and has the support of the Student Development Office.

He also adds that the Linguistic Café is a valuable alternative for those students of the University who plan to do an exchange period abroad, because this way they can practice the language of their destination and listen to the experiences of other students who have already completed their exchange period abroad.

The activity is free of charge and the participation is voluntarily. It is open to our students and employees, as well as to everyone who is interested and not part of the Universidad de La Frontera.


Written by: Sergio Valenzuela
Direction of Communications