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This seminar is a prelude for the Ibero-American Conference for Quality of Life, Sustainability and the Environment in 2018.

With participation of national and international experts and with help of four tables of analysis, the seminar “Quality of Life, Sustainability and Environment” will take place at the Universidad de La Frontera, at the Auditorium Selva Saavedra on this Thursday, September 7th, starting at 8:30a.m.

The seminar will be a prelude for the Ibero-American Conference for Quality of Life, Sustainability and the Environment that will take place in 2018. According to the coordinator of the Organizing Committee, Jorge Cortés, the idea of this seminar is to create a space to foster development, especially in the most vulnerable territories. “This is the reason why this event takes place in the Araukanía Region, because we are one of the poorest and less developed regions in Chile”, he commented.

He added that this seminar is based on the cooperation between three entity types: public, private and for research. Without this cooperation, the development would always be incomplete.

The event will be carried out at four different tables with specialists that focus on the questions: “How can we measure human development from the human perspective?”, “Sustainability: What is that and how can we measure it?”, “How much more can we improve human life without compromising the ecosystems that support life on our planet?”, and “Development in the Araukanía Region: role and challenges of the university in the century XXI”.


On Friday, 8th of September,as part of the encounter there will be two related lectures. The first one is called “Quality of Life: as a system of indicators for the evaluation of social, public and private organizations”, which will be held by Miguel Ángel Verdugo, a Dr. of Psychology at the Universidad de Salamanca. This activity will take place in room 201 at the Aula Magna of the institution, at 9 a.m.

The second lecture is about “Post-Truth and Complex Networks” and will be held by CristiánHuepe, researcher of complex systems at the Northwestern University, USA, in the Auditorium Selva Saavedra, at 9 a.m. He will explain the complexity of the phenomenon of post-truth in social networks.
For more information and questions about the lectures or the seminar, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


written byWritten by: Jassna Sepúlveda Beltrán