Heilongjiang University

Tiajin Agricultural University

The UFRO delegation will focus its activities on the Heilongjiang University and the Tianjin Agricultural University.

One of the main goals of the Universidad de La Frontera is to extend and strengthen the international networks of collaboration. This time, a group of university authorities went to the People´s Republic of China in order to formalize a framework cooperation agreement and establish new relations.

Part of the UFRO delegation are the Vice-rector of Undergraduate Affairs, Ana Moraga; the director of the International Affair´s Office, Pamela Leal; the director of Libraries and Information Resources, Roberto Araya; and the Advisor for Relations with China, Qingjun Wu.

The agenda for the visit includes a series of activities and meetings. One of the main activities will take place on Monday, September 4th, in the city of Harbin, at the University of Heilongjiang, where the Vice-rector, Ana Moraga, and the Rector of the Chinese Institution, Fu Honggang, will sign an International Cooperation Agreement.

This new alliance will formalize the cooperation, considering the promotion of academic exchange at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and the differentuniversity activities. They will also work on the development of a program of Spanish as a second language, which will take place at the UFRO for the students of the Chinese institution.

The Heilongjian University offers a wide range of disciplines, including arts, science, foreign languages, engineering, management, etc. and has about 35 thousand students, plus 5 thousand in postgraduate programs and another 2 thousand students from abroad.

The activities of the delegation will go on at the Tianjin Agricultural University, with which the UFRO already signed a Cooperation Agreement this year, when authorities and representatives of the Asian institution visited the UFRO. The aim of this agreement is to take actions in different areas of knowledge, from which both institutions benefit.

The activities at this university will take place on September 7 and 8. The program includes an official visit and work meetings in order to advance in specific areas of the cooperation.


escrito porWritten by: Jassna Sepúlveda Beltrán