EAIE 2017

The UFRO Chile participates in International EAIE Conference to position itself as destiny for European students

The UFRO participates in the 29th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Seville, Spain, presenting the academic offer for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and the opportunities for international student mobility.

Europe’s biggest Convention for higher education and student mobility will take place from 12-15 September 2017 at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Center (FIBES) in Spain. The theme of the 2017 conference is “A mosaic of culture” and institutions from all over the world are participating, including 16 educational establishments from Chile.

The Universidad de La Frontera is also part of the delegation of national institutions that are present at the 2017 EAIE Conference. The UFRO representative is the director of the International Affairs Office, Dr. Pamela Leal, who will join the group of more than 200 exhibitors and 5 thousand representatives of higher education from all over the world who are coming to Seville.

“The main continent where the foreign students in Chile come from is Europe. They come to Latin America in order to find a space for complementing their training and, of course, to live an international exchange experience”, said Dr. Pamela Leal.

At the same time, she pointed out that Chile has a series of advantages and characteristics that transform the country into a privileged destiny for foreigners and in the case of the UFRO, the interest increases more and more.

“At this international encounter, we want to share who we are as a University. Therefore we will present our offer of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and invite the Europeans to live a study experience at a state University of quality, in a region like the Araukania with its privileged environment because of its nature and culture”, she added.

This annual conference is organized by the European Association for International Education (EAIE) and besides opening and showing the potential of international mobility, the aim is also to establish networks and strengthen the partnerships between different universities and countries.

escrito porWritten by: Direction of Communications