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This news filled the academic staff members who are part of the program, which is coordinated by the Office of Education in Health Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine, with pride, satisfaction and happiness.

A total of 48 professionals who are working with new and solid tools in university teaching in health sciences is a great outcome for the Master´s program in Innovation in University Teaching of Health Sciences that started in 2010 after carrying out different advanced training classes in the same area and that received its accreditation for seven years this week.

The director of the Master´s program and nurse, Dr. Mónica Illesca, said that “justice has been done in the case of this postgraduate program that faces new challenges, such as to maintain the quality for our students, what was ratified by the peer assessors. Seven years. That means we are doing well and we are very pleased, because I repeat: justice has been done.”

For the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Patricio Valdés, this is an enormous achievement for the faculty. “We want to progress in innovation and get all of our undergraduate and postgraduate programs accredited. This is why this accreditation is a motive to be satisfied and proud, because it is an advance in the tasks we proposed ourselves as the Faculty of Medicine”, he assured.

Illesca also mentioned a second challenge, apart from maintaining the quality, which is that “we have to innovate the academic body, add more teachers, invite more people to expand the group, which now does not exceed 13 persons.”

The Master in Innovation in University Teaching of Health Sciences is a professional training program that seeks to provide tools to improve the educational work practice in teaching resources, program design and research, but with the characteristic to “put all these teaching innovations in the field of health sciences into practice”, Illesca added.

The IX. version of the Master in Innovation in University Teaching of Health Sciences will start the second week of April and has a duration of two years. This new version of this program can say with proud that it is accredited from 2018 until 2025.


Written by: Fabián Aguirre
Faculty of Medicine