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The American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) and the UFRO Faculty of Law and Business (FCJE-UFRO) created a work agenda 2018-2019 within the framework of their cooperation agreement.

In accordance with the institutional directives of the Universidad de La Frontera and the Strategic Development Plan of the Faculty of Law and Business, Valeska Geldres, the dean, went to Washington D.C., USA, for a series of activities.

One of these activities was the establishment of a work agenda 2018-2019 for the American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) and the UFRO Faculty of Law and Business (FCJE-UFRO) within the framework of their cooperation agreement.


This is an important alliance and improvement regarding internationalization, thanks to both faculties who shared their interdisciplinary and intercultural values because of which international outreach and diversity, which define both institutions, have been the main topics during the conversations of the university authorities. One of the results is that, in April 2019, the dean Camille Nelson is going to visit the UFRO in order to give start to the new academic year at the FCJE-UFRO.

Dr. Claudio Grossman, dean emeritus at AUWCL and agent of Chile in The Hague (Netherlands) will also soon come to the UFRO, in December 2018, for a conference about the recent judgment regarding the Bolivian demand for access to the Pacific Ocean before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Another activity were the conversations with Padideh Ala’i, director of the International Legal Studies Program, and Melanija Radnovicla, director of the International Student Mobility Program, for the development of activities within the FCJE-UFRO Internationalization Program.

The idea is that the activities within this international cooperation agreement will be a support for the FCJE-UFRO Program, with short international courses and for the attraction of North American students and academics to come to the Faculty of Law and Business at the UFRO.


Another part of the agenda of Dr. Valeska Geldres was a meeting with Gonzalo Rivas, the Chief of the Division of Science and Technology at the Inter-American Development Bank. The objective of this meeting was to show him the activities of FCJE-UFRO and to get to know the priorities of the bank in Latin-America. Another important meeting was with Cecilia Fernández, the executive director of EVERIS USA, in order to analyze possible alliances in the field of social sciences, related to technological challenges.

The activities in Washington D.C. ended with an official meeting with Alfonso Silva Navarro, the Chilean Ambassador in the USA, where she shared the great news of the recent Institutional Accreditation for 6 years that the UFRO achieved and of the university’s incorporation into the group of universities of excellence in Chile.

Valeska Geldres emphasized the importance and result of these institutional visits: “To find a partner such as the Washington College of Law in the USA is absolutely great, because we share a comprehensive view of the legal and business field, as well as our mission to train professionals and postgraduates of excellence, with academic quality, a global vision, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Besides, it is important that Dr. Claudio Grossman, who joint this cooperation project and is going to visit us in December, is part of this agreement. We hope that we are able to keep moving forward with the development of projects that allow us to offer more opportunities to our students.”


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