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Vicente Hernández Delgado is the face of a milestone for the Universidad de La Frontera that consolidates the history of prestige and quality in the training of professionals at the Faculty of Law and Business.

Vicente Hernández Delgado took his oath before the Chilean Supreme Court on Friday, January 18, and became the first lawyer graduated from the Universidad de La Frontera.

He was born and raised in the south of Chile in the region Aysén and entered university in 2012, enrolling in the Faculty of Law and Business (FCJE) for his professional training and comprehensive development.

“This is a milestone in the history of our university, the Faculty of Law and Business and the Law School. It is a highlight for this academic flagship project in the Araucanía Region and at the national level,” Valeska Geldres, the FCJE dean, said. She also emphasized: “As the dean and in representation of the faculty community, I want to show Vicente our appreciation for his exemplary way of acting and for giving meaning to the purpose of our faculty: to train professionals who, through merit and hard work, break the cycle of inequality and provide the country and the regions with their talent while, at the same time, making their personal dreams come true by pursuing their profession.”

At the institutional level, it has been seven years of work, committed to the academy, for making this success possible. We are celebrating the first law graduate, with an outstanding performance and who always was intellectually anxious and interested in the topics that concern this country.

For the director of the Law School, Dr. Pamela Mendoza Alonzo, this moment is the start of a new stage for the undergraduate program, because it opens a new path full of opportunities for the future UFRO law graduates, since they will have the example of Vicente as a reference. She also indicated: “We are very proud of this milestone for our relatively new undergraduate program. This is why there is nothing else to do than to congratulate Vicente for successfully completing all stages a lawyer has to complete to turn into one. We have no doubt at all that he will be an excellent professional and that this will only be the first of many achievements that are waiting for him in the future.”

Vicente was very committed to the Universidad de La Frontera. Not just regarding his outstanding academic performance during five years, but also because he accepted the challenge of taking the bar exam during the first year after graduating and started his professional career immediately. He spent six months doing an internship at the legal office of Puerto Aysén, of the Legal Aid Council, which he finished with an outstanding evaluation in all areas: knowledge and legal judgment, responsibility, initiative, social and collaborative instinct, conduct, trustworthiness, assistance and punctuality.


escrito porWritten by: Karen Campos
Faculty of Law and Business