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Dear University Community,

Considering different aspects of the evolution of this pandemic and especially the fast spread of the virus in our city, we would like to inform you that we are continuing with the suspension of all administrative and academic on-site activities at our university, except for those that are critical for the correct functioning of our university. This measure will remain in force until further notice.

This means that we will keep working remotely and that only those who have to fulfill tasks that are absolutely critical for the university will be able to access our Campus, while complying with the safety measures established by the health authorities (mandatory use of face masks in public spaces, one-meter distance between people, etc.).

In addition, and in accordance with our institutional strategy regarding this health crisis, in which the well-being of the people has always been our priority, we have established a protocol with the aim of elaborating a Return to Work Plan. The idea is to develop different stages in order to guarantee a safe and progressive return. Therefore, we put together a Committee with different members of our university community, who are directly linked to those processes and who represent the different units. We will inform you about the advances in due course.

The classes for our undergraduate and graduate students will take place online during the first semester of 2020.

Kind regards,
Dr. Eduardo Hebel Weiss
The Rector’s Office
Universidad de La Frontera

Temuco, May 8, 2020