UFRO revista cubo


The confirmation sent by Scopus stressed the quality of the articles and the trajectory of this journal, which belongs to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the university Universidad de La Frontera.

Some of the reasons that allowed CUBO “A Mathematical Journal” of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) to be included in the main collection of the worldwide renowned international database of Scopus are the quality of its contents, its trajectory, its continuous development, and the hard work and commitment of the university.

There are three research journals in mathematics in Chile, and two of them are indexed, including CUBO, what adds prestige and international visibility to the university and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, which publishes this journal.

“We are very proud of this important achievement, since it recognizes CUBO as a leading magazine in the creation of knowledge with global relevance. This is also a recognition of the editorial staff, the level of publications and the management of all the processes involved,” Dr. César Arriagada, the Research Director at UFRO, said.

CUBO has a long history. Its origins date back to 1985, mainly with expository articles; in 1999 it turned to the field of education in mathematics; in 2004 it became an official research journal and in 2008 a development strategy was adopted that allowed it to be indexed by SciELO in 2011. In 2016, all efforts were aimed at its internationalization and access to new and better databases.

“This progress is the result of years of hard work in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Today 95% of the articles published correspond to foreign authors, 70% of the reviewers are also external. The interest in publishing has increased significantly, as well as the quality of the papers and authors. Now the challenge is to achieve the WoS indexation,” says the current editor in chief, Dr. Rubí Rodríguez.

Dr. Mauricio Godoy is the executive editor of the journal and explains that one of the strategies they have implemented in recent years is to prioritize the quality of publications rather than the quantity. “The idea is to raise the scientific level of the journal. There are a lot of publications in the world of science today, but not all of these publications have a relevant impact. What we are interested in is to maintain a high standard of quality.”

Today, the team in charge of http://cubo.ufro.cl/ consists of four academic staff members of the UFRO Department of Mathematics and Statistics: Dr. Rubí Rodríguez, Dr. Mauricio Godoy, the engineer Ignacio Castillo (operational coordination), and José Labrín (layout). For them, there is no doubt that this achievement is the recognition of several generations of UFRO mathematicians who have allowed this magazine to reach a level of international excellence.

Written by: Karimme Riadi Millas
Vice-Rectorate for Research and Graduate Studies