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The academic member of the Faculty of Law and Business had an important role in the dialogue about the potential impacts of the current pandemic.

Dr. Paulina Sanhueza is an academic member of the Department of Management and Economics of the Faculty of Law and Business (FCJE) of the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO). In her role as a general coordinator of the Ibero-American Network of Development Studies (RIED), she participated in the international online seminar called “Perspectives on the impacts of the pandemic”, which is an initiative that has its origin in the collaboration between the Institute of History of the Faculty of Law of the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and RIED.

The objective of the seminar was to discuss and clarify the potential impacts of the current pandemic and health crisis that the world is facing on the economy and on social, cultural and environmental aspects.

Dr. Sanhueza indicated that there is no doubt that we are currently facing one of the deepest recessions since the beginning of the 20th century; with significant negative effects on economic growth, and significant increases in the levels of unemployment, poverty, exclusion and inequality. In this regard, she pointed out that “the academic network – I currently have the honour of coordinating it – wants to help. It wants to become a space for the promotion and facilitation of capacities and to create a dialogue that provides knowledge and contributes to the dissemination of different experiences regarding the pandemic and its effects on global and territorial processes of development”.

Twelve international speakers, who all have extensive experience from their work in higher education institutions and international organizations, such as the ILO, UN Women and others, attended the seminar. They presented and discussed the experiences of Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Morocco, Chile, Jordan, Costa Rica, and Uruguay and addressed aspects related to the relationship between COVID-19 and the different dimensions of development from different disciplinary perspectives.

Written by: Karen Campos
UFRO Faculty of Law and Business