UFRO conversatorio ider

The online conversation brought representatives from the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile together.

“Visions of the future” was the name of the conference organized by the Institute of Local and Regional Development (IDER) of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO), which brought representatives from the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, as well as from Chilean universities and UFRO together. During the meeting, the participants analyzed different alliances in accordance with each country’s visions and perspectives of the future, the construction of sub-national information, technological watch and other issues that will affect the post-pandemic reconfiguration of these countries.

According to Camilo Rosas, the acting director of IDER-UFRO, “the meeting was organized in consideration that, after the pandemic, we are going to need a collaborative strategy between all the actors who are thinking about development within specific geographical conditions. The intention was to share experiences, points of view and to explore new possible ways of collaboration in order to be able to continue contributing to the development of our respective territories, by strengthening our relationships of reciprocal collaboration and by carrying out joint initiatives”.

It should be noted that the Institute has been working for almost 20 years and currently consists of five units, being in charge of community planning, statistical analyses, technology watch, public policies and further training, as well as the development of its renowned graduate program in human development in the south of Chile.

Written by: IDER-UFRO