UFRO taller ingles 1

Three months ago, the online course “Basic English for Tourism” started. The Unit for Continuing Education of Pucón Campus of the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) came up with this online training initiative and the objective of it is to provide tools during this pandemic for the reactivation of the tourism industry in the Araucanía Region when this global health crisis is over.

The courses are completely free of charge and designed for entrepreneurs and people working in the tourism industry. Boris Mutizabal, a teacher at the Pucón Campus of UFRO, has prepared the classes and the first course, in which the students learned through didactic contents and practical sessions that encouraged them to interact with each other, finished on August 12.

This first course had 17 participants, divided into two groups. The course included two one-hour classes per week and different activities and tests on the platform Google Class, in order to achieve a fluid conversation with English-speaking tourists and for being able to sell their services online or in person, as well as to do outdoor activities with English-speaking tourists and to guide them.

Written by: UFRO Pucón Campus