UFRO fondecyt 2021

The number of Regular Fondecyt (Chilean National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development) projects awarded to researchers from UFRO increased by 50% this year, while the number of Postdoctoral Fondecyt projects awarded is the same as last year, with 17 projects.

The year 2021 has just begun and the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) has already achieved a new record: the highest number of Regular FONDECYT projects awarded, with 20 projects. In addition to that, 17 Postdoctoral Fondecyt projects were awarded. That’s a total of 37 projects.

The Vice Rector for Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. César Arriagada Escamilla, is very proud of that. According to him, this great result is partly the product of the implementation of new policies and mechanisms. “This is an historical achievement that reflects the high level and commitment of our researchers, as well as the improvement and incentive mechanisms that we have implemented through the Research Office of our university,” he explained. He also added that “this increase in the number of Regular Fondecyt projects awarded to our researchers at the very beginning of this year allows the university to look to the future with optimism”.

Another remarkable fact is that the projects awarded cover a wide range of fields of knowledge, such as Agronomy, Earth Sciences, Geography and Urban Planning, Biology, Engineering, Education, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology and Archeology, Medicine, Clinical Sciences and Health Sciences.

The Research Director, Dr. Pamela Serón Silva, also points out that “this year, it is remarkable that more than 50% of the projects awarded are from female researchers. That shows that the paradigms are changing, what allows us to keep strengthening the role of women in science by promoting their contribution to the creation of knowledge with a national and international impact”.


Paula Aguilera Ñonquepan, Adison Altamirano Navarrete, César Arriagada Escamilla, Leticia Barrientos Diaz, Priscilla Brebi Mieville, Mariela Bustamante López, Jaime Cárcamo Oyarzun, Pablo Cornejo Rivas, Mabel Delgado Torres, María Cristina Diez Jerez, Juan Hinostroza Scheel, Patricio Lepe-Carrion, Viviana Letelier González, Cecilia Mayorga Muñoz, Patricio Mena Malet, Marjorie Reyes Diaz, Sonia Salvo Garrido, Alex Seguel Fuentealba, Orlando Vallejos Romero, and Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini.


Researcher in charge: Tamara Viscarra Álvarez; Sponsoring researcher: Carmen Gloria Ili Gangas
Researcher in charge: Stefania Short Rocha; Sponsoring researcher: Olga Rubilar Araneda
Researcher in charge: Osvaldo Merino Painen; Sponsoring researcher: Jorge Farías Avendaño
Researcher in charge: Pedro Campos Montesano; Sponsoring researcher: Alex Seguel Fuentealba
Researcher in charge: Joaquín Rilling Tenorio; Sponsoring researcher: Jacquelinne Acuña Sobarzo
Researcher in charge: Brian Effer Roldán; Sponsoring researcher: Pamela Leal Rojas
Researcher in charge: Javier Ortiz Leiva; Sponsoring researcher: Milko Jorquera Tapia
Researcher in charge: Fernanda Pinto Ibieta; Sponsoring researcher: Juan Carlos Ortega Bravo
Researcher in charge: Eulàlia Sans Serramitjana; Sponsoring researcher: María de la Luz Mora Gil
Researcher in charge: Ligia Orellana Calderón; Sponsoring researcher: Berta Schnettler Morales
Researcher in charge: Leyla Parra Almuna; Sponsoring researcher: Paula Cartes Indo
Researcher in charge: Louise Zanella Martins; Sponsoring researcher: Priscilla Brebi Mieville
Researcher in charge: Daniela León Garrido; Sponsoring researcher: Helga Weber Rascheya
Researcher in charge: Daniela Vergara Godoy; Sponsoring researcher: Francisca Acevedo Canala-Echevarría
Researcher in charge: Norberto Abreu Hernández; Sponsoring researcher: Mara Cea Lemus
Researcher in charge: Ana María Bucchi Morales; Sponsoring researcher: Gabriel Fonseca Platini
Researcher in charge: Patricia Poblete Grant; Sponsoring researcher: Paula Cartes Indo


Written by: Karimme Riadi Millas
Vice-Rectorate for Research and Graduate Studies