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The Chilean Minister of Health highlighted the research led by Dr. Fernando Lanas and Dr. Sergio Muñoz of the UFRO Faculty of Medicine in his report on the pandemic on Thursday, March 11.

The Chilean Minister of Health, Dr. Enrique Paris, highlighted the work of the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) in his latest report on the pandemic, as well as the possibility that the CanSino vaccine might soon be available in Chile, once it gets approved by the Chilean Institute of Public Health (ISP).

“During the first week of April, the scientific evidence of the CanSino vaccine will be presented for its approval by the experts of ISP. The clinical trial for this vaccine in Chile was carried out by regional universities, where the efforts of UFRO stood out. This is the most important clinical trial that has been carried out in Chile and we hope that the CanSino vaccine will soon be available for everyone, once it gets approved,” the Minister of Health explained.

According to Dr. Wilfried Diener, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the statement of the Minister of Health recognizes and reinforces the work and mission of the Universidad de La Frontera. “It is only fair to say and recognize that the mission of our public universities is to serve our population and to overcome major health problems, such as the current pandemic. Thus, we must work together with the different state institutions for education and health, inspired by the responsibility we bear towards society,” he added.

Dr. Fernando Lanas commented that “the results of the study are very positive, so if the vaccine gets approved by ISP, it would be arriving in Chile by the end of the first semester”. In this context, last Thursday, ISP officially confirmed the receipt of the request from the Chinese laboratory CanSino for the authorization of the use of its vaccine against Covid-19.

Written by: Fabián Aguirre Silva
Faculty of Medicine, UFRO