UFRO inauguracion anio academico 1

On this anniversary, the Rector of UFRO invites the university community to strengthen the dialogue between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation, and to keep working in order to provide the La Araucanía region with a university that stands by its community and that has a solid national and global presence.

UFRO inauguracion anio academico 2

This year, the remarkable researcher Jennie Risopatrón has been awarded with the Medal for an Outstanding Academic Career, which is the highest honor given by the Universidad de La Frontera.

The Rector Dr. Eduardo Hebel Weiss inaugurated the academic year 2021 at the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) and officially initiated the celebrations of its 40th anniversary by recognizing the professionals of the Temuco campuses of the University of Chile and the State Technical University, which, after their merger 40 years ago, gave birth to this institution, which now is known for its excellence and as a leader in the training of highly qualified professionals in the south of Chile.

One of the missions of UFRO is to contribute to the development of the region and the country through the generation and transmission of knowledge and to make it available to society. In this context, Dr. Hebel emphasized that the success of this task is reflected in today’s role of UFRO at the national and regional level, where thousands of its graduates are leading the processes of transformation that the society needs, with a seal of excellence. “They are our greatest indicator of quality. Thanks to them, we can truly say that the Universidad de La Frontera is a university of excellence that leaves its mark,” he explained.


A global pandemic and a socio-political scenario characterized by multiple election processes at the national level are some of the elements that will mark this 2021. In order to meet the innumerable challenges that this academic year will bring, Rector Hebel pointed out that the university management will keep working with a focus on support and service as key elements. “Our university’s governing body has always put a focus on the people, since they are the main key of our daily tasks, as well as on collaborative work, and we must continue to do so in our large and our small daily tasks. That is and has been the commitment I made when I assumed my position as the Rector of UFRO,” he pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that this year, UFRO is facing a decisive year regarding the renewal of its Statutes, a process that has been ongoing and that is crucial for the functioning and strengthening of the university.
In this context of uncertainty, the Rector also addressed the deans and academic body of UFRO, expressing his support in the development of the different Faculties. “I would like to invite you to keep working with the spirit of unity that has allowed us to reach the recognition we have today. Let’s continue to build community together,” he said.

At the same time, he invited the staff “to keep working with commitment and efficiency, which is crucial for the university’s performance. Each and every one of you makes it possible that the numerous processes at our university work. Without you, we would not be able to fulfill our commitment to excellence”.

“We have invited you to turn your time at UFRO into one of the best experiences of your life, although our plans often turn out to be different from reality. You are the ones who make up the university and your experience in this training process will depend on you and how you confront these challenges. As the Rector of this university, I can assure you that we will do everything possible to keep up our tradition of quality and excellence during the academic year 2021,” Dr. Hebel said, addressing the students at UFRO.

Finally, he invited the university community to participate in the different activities that will take place over the year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of UFRO. The program will be inclusive and participative, “reflecting our identity as a regional, public and state university,” he concluded.


This year, the UFRO Award for an Outstanding Academic Career was granted to MSc Jennie Risopatrón González, a state teacher with specialization in Biology and Sciences, academic of the Department of Basic Science of the Faculty of Medicine, and currently the director of the Center of Excellence in Biotechnology on Reproduction (CEBIOR) at UFRO. She received the highest honor given by the Universidad de La Frontera for her outstanding academic performance in undergraduate and graduate education and research.

“I am very grateful to all of you who chose me to receive this honor. It makes me proud and deeply touches me, because it is the highest recognition I can receive from my colleagues. It is a strong confirmation that my passion and work have not been in vain. If UFRO was a person, I would thank it. This university really is an alma mater for me that made me very happy during my whole working life,” Jennie Risopatrón said.



Written by: Communications Office, UFRO