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Pamela Vera Loncomilla and Xeiya Abarzúa Cifuentes are the two students of the UFRO Faculty of Law and Business, who were selected to spend a trimester at DHBW-Ravensburg in Germany in 2021.

The two selected students of the program in Business Administration of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) will have the opportunity to spend a trimester at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in Ravensburg, Germany, from July 1 to September 28, thanks to the current agreement between the Faculty of Law and Business at UFRO (FCJE-UFRO) and DHBW-Ravensburg.

In this context, the Director of Outreach of FCJE-UFRO, Dr. Carolina González Suhr, congratulated the students of the program in Business Administration who won the DHBW-Ravensburg Scholarship. “This will be a completely challenging and inspiring experience, given the current circumstances. Year after year, our university works very hard to expand its international networks and to strengthen its partnerships with other universities in order to help our students to improve their curriculum and to offer them a real experience of learning and cultural exchange. I am proud that we are able to be part of this internationalization project of the faculty, which promotes a comprehensive training for the future generations of professionals. And I am sure that, over the next few years, even more students will be motivated to go beyond our borders, what is possible thanks to these strong and promising partnerships.”

It is important to mention that, regarding the global health crisis caused by Covid-19, the students must get a medical insurance that covers the possible costs for medical treatments associated with Covid-19 and, in addition to that, it is mandatory to have a negative test result for coronavirus that is not older than 48 hours upon arrival in the country of destination.


UFRO pamela

Pamela Vera Loncomilla

“I am getting the great opportunity to study at a German university for a trimester. It will be a challenge that all the classes are taught in English, although that will help me to improve my English proficiency. Another important aspect is that I will have the opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the world, who are also there with a scholarship, like me. And I will get the opportunity to learn more about the German culture, how people relate to each other, and hopefully, if the pandemic allows it, I will be able to visit and see a lot of historical places.”

UFRO xeixa

Xeiya Abarzúa Cifuentes

“I want to considerably improve my English language skills and to develop new competencies related to my field of studies. I also hope to learn from this multicultural environment in which we will be living and to be able to open our minds, to understand the different points of view and/or approaches that different cultures may have, in order to become more empathetic and creative and for being able to positively influence our close circle, our peers at the university and the society we live in.”

UFRO daniela

Daniela Henríquez Cruces won the scholarship in 2020, but because of the closed borders during the pandemic, she had not been able to make use of this benefit, yet.

“I think that, in a globalized world, we should be able to open our minds and to learn from what other cultures can teach us. I am going to try to learn as much as possible and to acquire new tools that will help me to develop as a professional. We are all aware of what it means to study at a German university in terms of quality. It will be very demanding, but I think that it is very important to make the most of this opportunity, since it will have a huge impact on our lives and our future as a professional.”

The Faculty of Law and Business has its own internationalization program, with thirteen valid agreements with universities in different parts of the world. They are an important platform for the students, since they allow them to build their own professional networks and offer them many great opportunities.


Written by: Karen Campos
Faculty of Law and Business, UFRO