UFRO bienvenida mechona 1

UFRO bienvenida mechona 1

UFRO bienvenida mechona 1

The Universidad de La Frontera successfully concluded the welcome week for the freshmen of 2022. This event marked the official return to face-to-face classes at the university, with high participation in the numerous activities, in which the new students were able to get to know their peers and the university.

This year, more than 1,900 new students enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO). Therefore, the university organized a welcome week for these new students of the generation 2022, which was full of activities that aim at getting to know the university and the students’ peers.

The Office of Student Development and the Office of Comprehensive Training and Employability organized this event that marked the official return to face-to-face classes at UFRO after the pandemic, of course, respecting the sanitary protocols and guidelines of the health authorities.

The first day started with a welcome speech of the rector of UFRO, Dr. Eduardo Hebel, and included an activity called ‘Getting to know my study program’. During the following days, the students were able to participate in fun activities and games under the title ‘living UFRO’, in which the teams were made up according to faculty and study program; to participate in different tours under the title ‘Campus life’, in order to get to know their new study environment; and to visit a little fair with different stands with information about the UFRO units, student organizations and associations, among others. Another part of the program were different informative talks about possible student benefits, the English diagnostic tests, etc.

Juan Méndez, the director of the Office of Comprehensive Training and Employability at UFRO highlighted the importance of the return to face-to-face classes and activities. “We are overwhelmed by the high participation of the students in this welcome week. We are convinced that this level of participation is an indicator for the motivation of the new students of the generation 2022 and for the enthusiasm with which they are going to encounter the challenges during their time at university,” he explained.

According to Barbara Raposo, the director of the Office of Student Counselling and Development, it is important that the students actively participate in the different in-person activities, in order to have a good start into their lives as college students.

“We noticed that the students are very motivated and we are happy to see how the older students of UFRO accompany the freshmen in their adaptation process. These actions create a great atmosphere on our campus and help the freshmen to not only get to know their faculties and programs, but also how our university works,” she explained.


One of the big questions these days was if there would also be a welcome event for the students of the generations 2020 and 2021, who were not able to attend face-to-face classes or to get to know the campus because of the pandemic, during which they only had online classes. In this regard, the Office of Student Development announced that they already planned different cultural and sportive activities organized by the student organizations during the first week of April.

“We are also concerned about the students who started their studies in 2020 and 2021. Due to the pandemic, they never had the chance to get to know their peers in person or to have classes on our campus. Although we organized welcome activities for both generations online back then, we understand that that is not the same, so we are preparing some fun activities for them, too,” said Alex Seguel, the director of the Office of Student Development.



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