UFRO incubatec expo dubai 2022 1

UFRO incubatec expo dubai 2022 1

The business incubator and accelerator of the Universidad de La Frontera, IncubatecUFRO, was invited to the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Congress) and the Global Business Forum Latin America (GBF LATAM), being considered as one of the best business incubators and accelerators in South America.

IncubatecUFRO of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) participated as one of the best business incubators and accelerators from South America in this event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in order to find new opportunities that favor the incubated small and medium-size businesses in the international market.

“The Ministry of Economy and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United Arab Emirates invited us as one of the outstanding incubators and accelerators in Latin America. We want to use this opportunity and get to know different alternatives for our start-ups to enter the market of the Dirham, which is the currency in the United Arab Emirates, as well as trading opportunities with the Middle East and the possibilities regarding Latin America,” said Cristian Campomanes, the executive director of IncubatecUFRO.

The business incubator and accelerator of the Universidad de La Frontera was present at the Global Business Forum Latin America (GBF LATAM), within the Expo Dubai 2022 and the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Congress).

“The first one provided a global vision of the economy and businesses, while the second one was specifically dedicated to opportunities of investment in start-ups and SMEs, with cycles of investment and conferences,” Campomanes explained.


Cristian Campomanes appreciated the opportunity to participate with IncubatecUFRO in the exhibitions, but he came to the conclusion that it is necessary to do some adjustments, so new businesses in the UAE and the corresponding region could find interest in the Chilean start-ups and SMEs.

“We had meetings with actors of the whole entrepreneurship chain, where investors, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, incubators, accelerators, and co-work and innovation centers participated. In addition, we were able to visit some technical facilities of the sector, what leaves us a lot to work on in order to make use of all the opportunities we were able to get to know in this visit,” explained Campomanes.

The aim of the participation of IncubatecUFRO in the UAE was to promote business opportunities between public and private businesses in the Arabian Gulf countries and their peers in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the business incubator of UFRO, this was an important opportunity to show themselves and their associated businesses and to get to know and get access to this new market.


The United Arab Emirates are a bridge for international commerce between countries from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, incorporating different countries from Latin America in its international forums for some years now, so that growing ventures and companies can expand into these markets.

“In the United Arab Emirates, they are always looking for new opportunities and new markets. For them, the consumers in Latin America are an unexplored market. At the same time, they are interested in being present in the logistics market, in which they have a lot of experience and are willing to invest,” emphasized the executive director of IncubatecUFRO.

This year, the event brought more than 800 representatives of institutions all over the world together, including Jair Bolsonaro, the Head of State of Brazil, and Iván Duque, the Head of State of Colombia, as well as over 50 delegates from different countries. Among such a big and important audience, it was an honor for IncubatecUFRO to be in the select group of institutions that participated in these events.


escrito porWritten by:Abelardo Silva García
Translated by: Communications Office, UFRO