Universidad de Tesalia

This agreement will allow to exchange knowledge, as well as to carry out student and academic exchanges between both universities.

The Department of Forestry Science of the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Science of the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design (DEXYS) of the University of Thessaly (UTh) in Greece.

The directors of the corresponding departments, Dr. Ricardo González Jiménez at UFRO, and Dr. Ioannis Papadopoulos at UTh, established this agreement and designated Dr. Rodrigo Vargas Gaete of UFRO and Dr. Dimitrios Samaras of UTh as coordinators of the agreement.

Dr. Rodrigo Vargas explained that the main part of this agreement focuses on the exchange of knowledge with this important European university, which creates innovation and knowledge related to the design and optimization of timber resources.

“At UFRO, we are working a lot in the field of natural resources and their conservation, starting with how we produce wood, including the economic aspects, but we have little knowledge regarding the added value at the industrial level or with respect to how we can be more efficient in the use of wood based on design,” explained Dr. Vargas.

With the signing of this agreement, the two divisions agree on joint research and/or training activities; the exchange of knowledge, expertise and academic materials; the organization of conferences and/or events, and the promotion of other mutual activities.


escrito porWritten by: Valentina Duarte Sánchez
Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Science
Translated by: Communications Office, UFRO