Natural Science and Mathematics

  • PhD and Master of Science in Natural Resources
  • PhD in Science, mention in Applied Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • PhD in Science, mention in Mathematics Health
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • PhD in Morphological Sciences


  • PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention in Bioprocesses

Social Science

  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Social Science


Environmental Science

  • Master in Natural Resource Management


  • Master of Medical Science, mention in Surgery
  • Master of Science, mention in Morphology
  • Master in Nursung, mention in Health Care Management
  • Master in Clinical Epidemiology
  • Master in Clinical Epidemiology (distance version)
  • Master in Public Health and Local Development
  • Master in Dentistry
  • Master of Innovation of University Teaching in Health Sciences

Social Science

  • Master of Applied Social Science
  • Master of Communication Sciences
  • Master in Psychology
  • Master in Social Management
  • Master in Local and Regional Human Development
  • Master in Family Studies and Development
  • Master and Specialization in Legal and Forensic Psychology
  • Master and Specialization in Systematic Family Therapy
  • Master and Specialization in Community Psychology

Natural Science and Mathematics

  • Master of Science, mention in Reproductive Biology
  • Master of Science, mention in Physics
  • Master in Medical Physics


  • Master of Science in Engineering, mention in Biotechnology
  • Master in Integral Quality Management Systems
  • Master in Computer Engineering


  • Master of Education, mentions in Educational Assessment, Environmental Education, Educational and Vocational Guidance, and Natural Science Teaching
  • Master of Education in Mathematics
  • Master in Physical Education Economic and Administrative Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)





Health – Midwife Specialties

  • Specialty in Perinatology

Technology – Specialties in Computer Science

  • Specialty in Software Engineering

Natural Science and Mathematics

  • Specialty in Medical Physics

Health – Medical Specialties

  • Specialty in Internal Medicine
  • Specialty in Pediatrics
  • Specialty in Pediatric Surgery
  • Specialty in Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Specialty in Adult Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Specialty/ Master in Pathological Anatomy
  • Specialty in General Surgery
  • Specialty in Urology
  • Specialty in General Family Medicine
  • Specialty in Adult Psychiatry
  • Specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Specialty in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation
  • Specialty in Adult Emergency Medicine
  • Specialty in Neurosurgery
  • Specialty in Radiology
  • Specialty in Ophthalmology
  • Sub Specialty in Adult Cardiology
  • Sub Specialty in Interventional Adult Cardiology
  • Sub Specialty in Neonatology

Health –Dentistry Specialties

  • Specialty in Pediadric Dentistry
  • Specialty in Orthodontics and Dental Maxillofacial Orthopedics
  • Specialty in Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain
  • Specialty in Endodoncy
  • Specialty in Oral Rehabilitation

Health – Nursing Specialties

  • Nursing Specialty in Adult Intensive Care
  • Nursing Specialty in Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Nursing Specialty in Health Care Management in Patients with Kidney Alterations
  • Nursing Specialty in Senior Health Care Management
  • Nursing Specialty in Pathological Newborns
  • Nursing Specialty in Surgical and Immediate Postoperative Health Care Management
  • Nursing Specialty in Pediatric Hospitalization Health Care Management
  • Specialty in Community Family Nursing