hebel saludo

In this new period for the Universidad de La Frontera, I would like to welcome you to our institution which has become a main reference in Higher Education in the Araukanía Region during its 37 years of existence.

Our indicators and academic offer are proof of that, and today, we can proudly say that we are one of the ten best universities in Chile.

Our fields of development and action are nationally and internationally recognized, highlighting the areas research, postgraduate affairs, undergraduate affairs, management and community outreach.

We are an institution that responsibly accepts the challenges of our environment, which are connected with the needs of the people, and that trains top-level professionals for Chile and the world, with the capabilities that are necessary in order to meet the requirements in a globalized and changing world.

At the same time, we are a dynamic university community that is tirelessly working for excellence and the opportunities that permit us to move decisively towards the construction of a more human society in which the people are the main key of our daily tasks.

firma hebel

Located in the Region of the Araucanía, Chile, the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) is a state,public institution of higher learning, considered among the best universities in the country based on its remarkable indicators of quality and excellence.

It became an independent institution on March 10, 1981, after the merger of the Temuco campuses of the University of Chile and the State Technical University.The Universidad de La Frontera is a learning community dedicated to the creation of human capital in undergraduate and graduate studies, in the areas of continuing education development, scientific and technological research, the promotion and creation of the arts and cultural development, and the education of citizens able to confront the challenges of their time.

The University offers 45 undergraduate programs, 9 doctoral programs, 31 master’s programs, 17 programs in medical specialties, 5 programs in dentistry specialties, 8 specialty programs in nursing, a specialty program in midwifery, a specialty program in computer science and a specialty program in medical physics.

It has over 8,500 students in its undergraduate programs, spread across six Faculties, and more than 800 students in its graduate programs.
This University cultivates knowledge, leadership, entrepreneurship and a forward-looking vision.


The Universidad de La Frontera is a state autonomous institution of higher learning located in the Region of the Araucanía.Its mission is to contribute to the development of the region and the country through the generation and transmission of knowledge, the comprehensive education of professionals and postgraduates, and the promotion of arts and culture.It is committed to quality and innovation, respect for people, the environment and cultural diversity, and the construction of a more just and democratic society.


To be a University of quality recognized at the regional, national and international levels, accredited in undergraduate studies, graduate studies, research, innovation and outreach and community engagement.

Ser estudiante en la Universidad de La Frontera es formar parte de una institución que crece y se desarrolla en concordancia con los principios humanos, la generación de conocimiento y el aseguramiento de la calidad; una Casa Universitaria que hoy se posiciona como una de las más promisorias en el contexto nacional, formando parte de las universidades de excelencia de Chile.

Más de ocho mil futuros profesionales se están formando en estas aulas, aquí comparten con sus pares un espacio educativo dotado de una infraestructura de primer nivel, servicios estudiantiles, oportunidades para practicar deporte, desarrollar las artes y la cultura, ejecución de proyectos y áreas acondicionadas para socializar.

En la UFRO se forman los protagonistas del futuro, a través de programas académicos acreditados y con un marcado perfil de responsabilidad social, en esta institución crecen las personas en el marco de los valores transversales a la condición humana.


 • PublicAccountant and Auditor
• Law
• Business Engineering
• Agronomy
• Biotechnology
• Engineering in Natural Resources
• Dentistry

• Civil Engineering
• Civil PhysicsEngineering
• Civil ChemicalEngineering
• Civil Engineering in Computer Science
• Civil EngineeringCommon Plan
• Civil MechanicalEngineering
• Civil Industrial Engineering, mention Bioprocesses
• Civil Industrial Engineering, mention Computer Science
• Civil Industrial Engineering, mention Mechanics
• Civil EnvironmentalEngineering
• Civil ElectricalEngineering
• Civil ElectronicsEngineering
• Civil MathematicalEngineering
• Civil TelematicEngineering
• Civil Engineering in Biotechnology
• ConstructionEngineering
• ComputerEngineering
• Biochemistry

• Nursing
• Speech&HearingTherapy
• Physiotherapy
• Medicine
• Nutrition&Dietetics
• Obstetrics&Puericulture
• Chemistry&Pharmacy
• Medical Technology
• OccupationalTherapy


• Bachelor of Social Sciences
• English Teaching
• Journalism
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Social Work
• Spanish and CommunicationTeaching
• Physical Education Teaching, Sports and Recreation
• History, Geography and Civic Education Teaching
• Science Teaching, mention Biology, Chemistry or Physics
• MathematicsTeaching