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Agronomy, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Sociology, Medicine, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Civil Electrical and Electronic Engineering are among the top ten in Chile.

Quality undergraduate education – this is the promise the Universidad de La Frontera wants to fulfill in each of the programs by delivering a learner-centered pedagogy, new didactics and evaluation processes with social responsibility and strong link to the necessities of the environment in which the students are going to act.

The promise is taking shape and is consolidated each year, thanks to the continuous improvement process driven by the different units, especially the Vice-rectorate of Undergraduate Affairs which is responsible for the implementation of professional training policies and accompanying the academic and teaching management of the programs in order to achieve quality standards that convert the UFRO into one of the best in the country.

The latest version of this ranking of the América Economía magazine (2017) gives a positive signal in this context, because 2 more undergraduate programs entered the ranking apart from the 7 ones that have already been among the best in Chile in 2016: Physiotherapy which entered in the 9th place and Civil Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the 7th place.

The ones that consolidate their position are the programs: Agronomy (still in 7th place), Medicine (8th place), Dentistry (6th place) and Psychology (5th place); while Nursing climbed from the 5th to 3rd place, Nutrition and Dietetics climbed two places, from the 6th to 4th, and Sociology climbed one position to the 6th place.

According to this edition of the ranking by program, this year the measuring process for prestige changed. This dimension considered the opinion of around two thousand teachers of the ranked programs.


In the overall ranking the UFRO is ranked 13th, being the second best regional state university.

The ranking considers nine different dimensions of the institutions in their analysis: Teaching Quality, Learner Quality, Research, Accreditation, Infrastructure, Internationalization, Inclusion and Diversity, Outreach and Community Engagement and University Life.


Written by: Direction of Communications UFRO