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UFRO movilidad estudiantil 2

This year, 101 students of national and foreign establishments chose the UFRO for their student mobility stays and 63 students of this institution went to other universities in Chile, America and Europe.

The UFRO students who went to study in other countries during this semester and young foreign students who chose to come to the Araukania Region lived an experience that enriched their professional training and broadened their horizons.

This is why the foreign students, returning students and the ones who are about to travel to other countries came together in the final ceremony of conclusion of this year’s national and international student mobility activities – of the International Affairs Office – in order to give them a space to exchange and share their experiences and what they learned.

Antonia Espinoza, who is in charge of the National and International Student Mobility Unit, presented an overview of the different developed activities and emphasized that the UFRO received 101 students of other national and international establishments during the year and 63 UFRO students went to other Chilean, American and European universities.

On this occasion, the Vice-rectorate of Undergraduate Programs of the UFRO, Ana Moraga, pointed out that the student mobility opens opportunities to learn and grow personally. “We hope your stay at our university met your expectations, not only with regard to the curricular activities of the study program you signed up for, but also to the culture of our country and the networks and friendships you created, and we hope that you will remember us as a university that is committed to education and the good life quality of our students”, she said.


Luis Andres Salazar copia

Luis Andrés Salazar
University of Girona, Spain

“I wanted to study in another country, and outside of Europe, Chile is the only country that has an agreement with my university. Studying nursing at the UFRO has been the experience of my life, in personal as well as professional aspects. Although the study program is the same, the methods are different here in Chile. Therefore, I learned a lot. Personally, it really helped me grow as a friend and classmate. I will take the warmth of the people with me, because it is very important for someone who comes from another country to have the support I found here.

Lissett Nilsson copia

Lisette Nilsson
Social Work

“I went on an exchange in Bilbao at the University of Deusto. I went with a scholarship for outstanding performance in Social Science and there, I was able to take some classes that can be validated here. It was a personally and academically enriching experience, since I got to know new people, a new culture and got to travel. The opportunity exists for everyone at university and I hope that more students will be able to live an experience like this.”

Georgina Roig copia

Georgina Roig
University of Girona, Spain

“I study nursing and it has been a good experience to come to the UFRO. These months, I have been doing an internship at the regional hospital. It makes you grow as a person, because you meet a lot of people and live in a different culture. And also in the hospital everything is different in the way things are done, for example, they do a comprehensive evaluation of the patient, so you learn and can practice right there. I totally recommend this experience.”

Sebastian Silva copia

Sebastián Silva

“I went to the University of Granada, in Spain, and it is an experience that marked a change in my biography. It is gratifying, you can broaden your horizons, not only in the geographic sense, but also in the limits our personal stories impose sometimes. A student mobility experience can change our minds through the intensity with which one goes. That makes you grow.”

Jose Antonio Jimenez copia

José Antonio Jiménez
Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico

“I took several classes in the field of engineering. It has been great and enriching to be here, learn so much and get to know new people and places. When the possibility to come to Latin America opened up, I thought: “I´ll see what happens”. But being here exceeds my expectations. It has been a good experience and a pleasant stay, especially with the sponsors who made us feel like home.”


Bastian Henriquez copia

Bastian Henríquez
Civil Engineering

“I went to the University of Hannover in Germany for a year with a DAAD scholarship. You see a lot of new things and are constantly learning and enjoying the experience at the university as well as culturally. This scholarship helped me to open my mind and think that you have to try to reach each of your goals. Immediately, you start thinking about postgraduate or other studies. And it is not an impediment if you come from a regional place.”


Written by: Direction of Communications