ufro enero 2018

ufro matriculas 2018

ufro matriculas 2018

Four establishments stood out in the national register. The Universidad de La Frontera is one of them.

According to the data submitted by the Chilean National Admission System (SUA), this year, 120,762 applicants have been selected. That is about 20 thousand more than in the admission process in 2017. In this context, the establishments that had more applicants than vacancies available are: Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, Universidad de La Frontera and the Universidad Diego Portales.

The Rector of the university, Sergio Bravo, stated that “we have only two thousand vacancies available and that is a university strategy; we froze the quota for new students a long time ago because quality is the most important thing and we have to offer the best education possible with the financial resources we have”.

The UFRO finished the enrollment process for 2018 successfully and filled all vacancies for new students within only three days. Therefore, there will be no call for wait-list candidates.

In this context, Sergio Bravo said: “The trust of these young people and their families in our institution at the moment of choosing our university motivates us to keep working with high quality standards in the professional training, research and university outreach. The preference of all these young people invites us to renew our commitment with being the best regional and state university in Chile.”

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