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It is a milestone in the history of accreditation for regional state universities and a mayor success for the Araucanía Region.

The Universidad de La Frontera  is accredited for 6 years and achieved to enter the group of universities of excellence, a category that includes all institutions that are accredited for 6 or 7 years.

The news, which is the result of an unanimous decision, was received by the rector Eduardo Hebel and will be made official during the next days. Hebel assured that this is a mayor success for this institution and said: “It shows that, when a community works with a clear goal and committed to excellence, the result is necessarily going to be recognized. We have been growing and learning to value who we are and what distinguishes us in the national and local environment of universities. It is this institutional identity and the sense of university community that values tradition and change, it is what permitted us to finally complete this process whit great success and a great number of new experiences.”

The rector delivered the news to academics, researchers, students and the administrative staff, congratulating them for the work that has been led by Dr. Martha Ramírez, the coordinator of the institutional accreditation process, during the last 18 months.

“The university community has been working on a rigorous process of self-assessment that allowed us to show the peer reviewers that the UFRO has a solid and transcendent project of institutional development and the necessary competencies to carry it out, and, above all, the capabilities to continuously improve its quality”, Dr. Ramírez said, who is in the United States at the moment, participating as an international judge in the American Society for Quality.

The UFRO is the first university in the Araucanía Region that achieved to be accredited for 6 years in all fields (management, undergraduate teaching, postgraduate programs, research and community outreach) and is the university with the best quality credentials in the region. And also at the national level, this success transforms it into the first and, until now, only regional state university that achieved to be accredited for 6 years.

escrito porWritten by: Communications Office