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Within three days, the UFRO reached a number of 2,273 new students matriculated and fills all the vacancies in the process of admission.

The Universidad de La Frontera consolidates its leadership regarding prestige and quality within the group of Universities of Excellence in Chile by filling 100% of the total vacancies in the first matriculation stage 2019.

It only took three days to reach a total of 2,273 new students matriculated, a number that corresponds to the total of vacancies in this admission process, which took place at the Olympic Stadium of the Universidad de La Frontera.

80% of the new UFRO students come from the Araucanía Region – 32% of them from municipal schools, and 29% of Mapuche descent.

Regarding inclusion, the numbers show that 49% of the new UFRO students are women, 7% are persons with disabilities, and 6 students have nationalities other than Chilean.

“The matriculation process is one of the most important moments for our university in terms of management. This is why it is very comforting to see that the work of all of us as one team allows us to reach our goals. I want to thank each and every one of the units that have been working to achieve the objective for their efforts and dedication,” the rector, Dr. Eduardo Hebel, said to the hundreds of senior students, professionals, academics and directors who have been working in the matriculation process 2019.

One of the keys for the success of this year´s matriculation process were the capabilities and coordination of the different units that participated in the matriculation process: matriculation teams, cahiers, promotion of study-programs, student development, comprehensive training, informatics, institutional analysis, the programs PACE and “I want to be a teacher”, finances, communications and general services. And last but not least, the directors and staff of the Aula Magna and the Olympic Stadium who provided their spaces to carry out the activities.

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