UFRO Internacional Fair 1

UFRO Internacional Fair 1

UFRO Internacional Fair 1

About 200 undergraduate students visited this year’s version of the International Fair at the Universidad de La Frontera and got to know different cultures and international gastronomic delights.

The International Fair of the Universidad de La Frontera, where our national and international undergraduate students present their countries and cultural particularities, is organized by the National and International Student Mobility Office of the International Affairs Office.

This year, about 200 students visited the Fair and participated with enthusiasm in the different activities the representatives of Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Angola, Mozambique and Chile had prepared.

Dr. Berta Schnettler, the director of the International Affairs Office, appreciated the numerous participation of foreign students, who came to the UFRO for their student exchange and shared their cultures, as well as of the national students, who shared their experiences from their student exchange abroad.


The International Fair is a space where the national and international university students share their student mobility experiences, present their cultures and promote the values of interculturalism. Antonia Espinoza, who is in charge of the National and International Student Mobility Office of the Universidad de La Frontera stated: “This kind of activities is very important for the promotion of cultural exchange within our university community. And also for our undergraduate students, because they have the opportunity to get to know the possibilities regarding international student mobility.”

The young students presented their native countries or the countries where they went, for example with delicious samples of the typical food, such as German apple pie, Italian pizza, Belgium meet with sherries, Uruguayan and Argentinian meat, Mexican tacos, French quiche, Spanish potato omelet, or the typical Chilean “Mote con Huesillo”, which is a non-alcoholic drink made from wheat and peaches. The graduate students from Angola and Mozambique, who also participated in the International Fair, even showed the typical clothes from their countries.

This year, the International Fair worked with a system of small tickets, which were sold by the Association of Sponsors and which could be exchanged for the products of the different stands. Another innovation was the little passport that was handed to the visitors in order to get a stamp at each stand visited and which was used for a contest with gifts of the Universidad de La Frontera at the end of the activity.

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