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In eight entertaining episodes that showcase their best music and dance performances, the folk dance group of the Office of Outreach and Community Engagement of UFRO invites us to get to know the different cultures that coexist in Chile.

September is a month of celebration in Chile, because of the country’s national holiday on September 18th. In this context, the official folk dance group of the Office of Outreach and Community Engagement of the university Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO), which is called “Magia Chilena”, surprises us during this week with an excellent selection of music and dance performances, to celebrate the Chilean culture.

According to Dr. Paola Olave Müller, the director of the Office of Outreach and Community Engagement, the folk dance group of UFRO wants to show us their work through this initiative. “We are making the work of our “Magia Chilena” dance group available for everyone through the different online channels and we want everybody to be part of the celebration of our national holiday, which we are very proud of in our country, although we will have to celebrate virtually this year, because of the pandemic”, she pointed out.

The director of the dance group, Miguel Ángel Leiva, explained that these videos include a basic dance course of the typical Chilean “Cueca” dance, so that everybody at home can practice it and celebrate. “In addition, we will present the work that our musicians are doing from their homes. We also included an educational video on the Aymara culture and asked our dancers, who are the national champions of the “Cueca chora” dance, to prepare a video about the origins of this dance. And finally, we prepared a “Musical Landscape” proposal, adapted to the context of the pandemic”, he explained.

Eight videos are going to be released through the online channels of the UFRO Office of Outreach and Community Engagement during this week, so that you will be able to go on a tour of the different Chilean music and dances, which the university brings to your home.

“A tour of the Chilean national folklore with Magia Chilena”

• Monday 14th: Cueca dance course (part 3)
• Tuesday 15th: Cueca del Magia (musical group)
• Wednesday 16th: Anata Aymara
• Thursday 17th: Mix of Chilean folklore songs (musical group)
• Friday 18th: Musical landscape
• Saturday 19th: Cuecas choras
• Sunday 20th: Selection of Patagonian Chamamés (musical group)
• Monday 21st: Mi pueblo es Carnaval, northern musical theme (musical group)

To access this interesting cultural selection of music and dance performances, please enter the YouTube Channel: https://cutt.ly/PyFhqmV


Written by: María Carolina Oyarzún Varas
UFRO Office of Outreach and Community Engagement