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3 semesters
Study arrangements:
Semi-annual, daytime, semi-flexible curriculum

Mg. Adrialy Muci N.
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Program Information

The Civil Engineering Common Plan is a mechanism for admission to the Universidad de La Frontera. Afterwards, the student has the possibility to enter the professional Programs and achieve the academic degrees offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Science. The advantage of this modality is that the student gets the opportunity to get to know different disciplines before making a definitive decision, thus reducing the probability of an eventual vocational crisis and the costs associated to it.

The graduate of the Common Plan is a person with an extensive general education, solid knowledge in basic sciences and of the work areas of an engineer, and who incorporates information and communication technologies in his training.

At the end of the Common Plan, the graduates will be able to face university studies leading to a higher level academic degree and / or professional degree in a selected field of engineering.

The graduates of the Civil Engineering Common Plan at the Universidad de La Frontera can continue their studies in the civil engineering and bachelor degree programs in applied physics. 

The Common Plan leads to:

Posterior Studies

According to the established regulations of the Civil Engineering Common Plan Program, each student can apply for a definitive Civil Engineering Program, once he / she meets the requirements. Each of the specialties of Civil Engineering will define a maximum number of transferred students they can receive. Each year, the vacancies offered for each Civil Engineering specialty will be published on the faculty website. In case that the number of applicants for any of the Civil Engineering specialties is higher than the number of vacancies offered, a selection process will be applied, which is exclusively based on the students´ academic performance (PGA: Accumulated General Average) in the subjects of the first three program levels.