*Since 2017, access to this Program also via Civil Engineering Common Plan

Program Information

A Chemical Civil Engineer has a broad field of work. According to data from the Chilean Ministry of Education (http://www.mifuturo.cl), the employability exceeds 90% in the first year after graduating. A chemical civil engineer is a professional qualified to lead the stages of formulation and implementation of projects in industries and service companies. He can work in the private and the public sector or work independently as a consultant or advisor for companies, industries and productive organizations.

Occupational field

A Chemical Civil Engineer, graduated from the Universidad de La Frontera, is a professional with capacities to work in the fields of productive processes, projects and management, mainly in the following economic sectors of Chile: food and beverages, energy, mining, oil and biomass refinery, cellulose and paper, plastic, textile and chemical industry (paints, polymers, natural products, etc.).