The Office of the Vice-Rector of Undergraduate Affairs is responsible for the undergraduate activities at the Universidad de La Frontera, promoting a model of quality management according to the Policy on Professional Training with an emphasis on comprehensive education, the updating of teachers’ skills and curricula, and contact with degree holders who contribute to continual improvement and innovation, favoringthe effectiveness of the education process and the employability of future degree holders.

This Office of the Vice-Rector is comprised of two Offices: Curricular and Teacher Development, and Comprehensive Training and Employability, in addition to the Coordination of Program Promotion and Dissemination.

The team of the Office of the Vice-Rector of Undergraduate Affairs is comprised of:

Vice-Rector of Undergraduate Affairs

Mg. Pamela Ibarra Palma

Office of Undergraduate Education

Mg. Solange Martínez Oakley

Office of Training Trajectory

Mg. Juan Méndez Vera