Program Information

A Physical Therapist is a professional whose actions are based on the study of human movement and its application in health processes. His functions are to examine, treat and educate people and communities, in order to detect, evaluate, prevent and correct neuromotor and cardiorespiratory malfunctions. His therapeutic actions include manual, electric and heat therapies, as well as the use of technologies for therapeutic support and prevention. The Physical Therapist, graduated from the Universidad de La Frontera, is a professional with clear social and humanistic training, reflective and critical with what he does, prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams, and with skills to develop the promotion, protection, recovery and rehabilitation of health.

Occupational field

A Physical Therapist, graduated from the Universidad de La Frontera, is qualified to work in:

• Primary care: primary care clinics, family health centers (public and private), private health institutions, community organizations;
• secondary care: public health centers, type 3 and 4 community hospitals, private health centers;
• tertiary care: type 1 and 2 hospitals, private clinics, specialized health centers, children's rehabilitation centers, specialized public institutions;
• the education sector: public and private schools, diagnostic and treatment centers, nursery schools, special schools, universities;
• sports and recreation: sports clubs, high performance centers, community organizations;
• the work sector: occupational medicine centers, occupational hazard prevention centers.