Program information

A Midwife is a professional in the field of health. She has a solid scientific, humanistic, technological, ethical and moral training, in order to work as a member of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary health teams in the areas of obstetrics, gynecology, sexual health, neonatology and public health. She is responsible for the promotion and protection of health, as well as research and derivation of the pathology that affects the sexual and reproductive health of women, their partners, families and community in different stages of the life cycle, in the different levels of health care, with focus on gender. She has a critical and reflexive attitude of continuous learning, as well as skills of leadership, communication, management and integration. She is also able to generate new knowledge in her field andto contribute with her actions to the improvement of the community´s health and quality of life.

Occupational field

State health institutions, which depend on the network of health services or local health departments, such as hospitals at all levels of complexity, urban doctor´s offices (rural or similar) and in private institutions, such as public and private clinics, and military hospitals.

In addition, they can work in labor centers with high presence of women and in specific women related institutions. Also in education, participating in the promotion of health at the pre-school, basic education, secondary and higher education level; or contributing to the training of professionals in the field, at universities and institutes of technical and superior technical training; in research, participating in multi-professional and interdisciplinary teams, for example those, which arise from social needs, requested by the community. The graduate will be able to adjust the work of organization and management of public and private health services to demographic and epidemiological profile changes, scientific technological advances and social changes.