Program Information

An Occupational Therapist is a health professional with comprehensive scientific and humanistic knowledge. He will work from a holistic perspective and with the support of technology and the occupational sciences. His skills allow him –at all stages of human development and in the areas he is responsible for – to evaluate, diagnose and develop the planning of prevention, recovery and rehabilitation programs for people who have suffered a deficit in their physical, mental or social integrity, taking the occupation as a central point of intervention in the clinical, geriatric, educational and community context.

He has the skills to work in a team, shows leadership, and is capable of critical and reflexive thinking, continuous learning, management and research. All this allows him to generate new knowledge in his field, contributing with his actions to the improvement of people´s health, occupational well-being and quality of life.

Occupational field

With a wide occupational field, an Occupational Therapist is able to work in hospitals and private orpublic clinics, providing direct clinical care to the patients throughout their entire life cycle; public or private health organizations (senior citizens, mental health, home care, observation and diagnostic centers, nursing homes, detention facilities, etc.); free choice systems (senior citizens, home care, nursing homes, etc.); the administration of health services and public clinics; community work (public clinics, NGOs, community organizations, etc.); occupational health (business institutions of different categories); and the field of education, working in the public, subsidized and private school system in projects of school integration and special education.

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