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High school students and graduates from 110 schools participated in more than 140 activities to get to know the university, its campus, its programs, and all it has to offer.

This year, Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) received about eight thousand high school students and graduates from 110 schools from the Araucanía Region, Bio Bío Region, and Los Ríos Region at the Open House UFRO 2023.

Activities organized by each of the 48 study programs, interactive presentations of the cultural and sports offer, guided tours, student development activities, live music, food trucks, and much more awaited the participants at the event, which was organized by UFROrienta, to show the high school students what it is like to study at UFRO.

Early in the morning, the buses from different schools started to arrive at UFROs Aula Magna, where the students could register for the day and start to participate in the 140 activities that were easy to access, thanks to the maps, programs, and schedules the students received.

To make it easier for the students to choose their future study program, they were able to participate in activities, such as surgical simulations or interactive physics experiments, organized by the different study programs of UFRO.

Paula Hidalgo Sánchez, the Coordinator for Program Promotion and Dissemination commented: “It was a great experience! What caught the attention of the students was the diversity of activities and that they were able to actively participate. We are very grateful for the efforts of our faculties, study programs, sports teams, our teams of outreach and community engagement, the library, student development, DIFEM, student associations, our artistic and cultural groups, and everybody who contributed to this event that allowed to really get to know our university.”

According to Pamela Ibarra, the Vice-rector for Undergraduate Affairs, the event was a complete success. “In this year’s version of UFROs Open House, we had many more participants than last year. We want to thank everybody involved in this event for their efforts and dedication – all teams, units, faculties, and the university community in general – who made this massive event a huge success,” she commented.


Fernanda Cesped

Fernanda Cesped Neculqueo, senior year high school student

“The university received us very well. Everybody was very polite when we arrived and they gave us our badges and wristbands. We have already seen several videos with my class on the UFRO account, where they showed the map with a preview of the activities for today. What I liked the most was the Engineering area, because everybody was very motivated.”

Carlos trecaman

Carlos Trecamán Saavedra, senior year high school student

“I had a lot of fun. This is the second time I have participated. I went to the engineering area, to mathematics pedagogy, and even participated in a drawing activity. They explained the Engineering Common Plan to me because I am very interested in that program. It is really great that the university organizes this kind of activity since it gives us the chance to escape the daily class routine and to come here to get to know the university.”

Florencia quil

Florencia Quil Cárdenas, high school student

“This was a great experience. I went to see the medical study programs and, besides of getting to know how the classes work, I had the chance to learn how the doctors diagnose their patients, what symptoms are part of certain diseases, and how rehabilitation works. It was very interesting and fun because this practical experience was very unique and allowed us to get to know the university and the study programs before applying.”

Jonathan Zagal

Jonathan Zagal Jara, liaison teacher and school psychologist

“We already participated last year. This is a huge opportunity for the children. The activities and the information about tuition scholarships, admission requirements, and the alternatives for admission make it much easier for the students to enter university. There are a lot of students who think that it is impossible for them to go to university, but this activity shows them and their families that it is possible. They also did not expect to see such a huge variety of activities, which really surprised them.”

Victoria Candia

Victoria Candia Tapia, music and arts teacher

“This is a wonderful experience. We have been here before on other occasions, but it is the first time that we come to the Open House. My students were very excited to visit the different sectors of the campus. They also asked a lot of questions and it helped some of them to decide about the best study option for them. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”



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