ufro bienvenida

bienvenida ufro

bienvenida ufro estudiantes

Last week, UFRO carried out its traditional welcome week for the new students, with entertaining activities that helped them to get to know each other, the university and different aspects of university life.

Last week, the university authorities, programme directors and older students of Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) welcomed more than two thousand new first-year students at its Olympic Stadium, with different entertaining and informative activities to get to know each other, the university and different aspects of university life.

The rector, Dr. Eduardo Hebel Weiss, invited the students to enjoy their university life and to be proud of being part of this regional state university, which is among the “universities of excellence in Chile”, with an accreditation of six years.

“You are now part of a university of accredited excellence and quality, and we are very proud that you have chosen our university for your professional training. You are facing a great challenge in this new stage of your life, in which you are going to find a different world, with endless opportunities, within a unique and unforgettable experience,” said Dr. Hebel.

Dr. Sergio Salgado Salgado, the director of the Student Development Office, pointed out that the university’s approach is to provide experiences beyond the academic aspects. “Our focus is to support our students and to provide a comprehensive professional training. That does not only include academic support but also the development of other disciplinary and personal skills during their university experience and their professional training, for a comprehensive development as a person.”

Juan Méndez Vera, the director of the Office of Comprehensive Professional Training, explained: “This traditional welcome week for the students, who are starting to study in one of our programmes at the six faculties and Pucon Campus, also includes meetings between the students and their programme directors, as well as workshops, artistic events and inductions, for a successful start”.


Yanela monsalves ceballos

Yanela Monsalves Ceballos, Biotechnology

“The activity was very pleasant and entertaining. I liked the atmosphere and the dance activities, and I am happy that I was able to get to know my future classmates.”

Hugo bustamante gutierrez

Hugo Bustamante Gutiérrez, Environmental Engineering

“It was a very nice experience. I have not seen this anywhere before and it was very useful for my start at university.”

Antonia toledo vargas

Antonia Toledo Vargas, Journalism

“This is a great opportunity to get to know each other. UFRO is a very big university and these activities help to get to know everything and to interact with students from other study programmes, too.”

Javier salazar riffo

Javier Salazar Riffo, Science Education

“This was a very pleasant experience. I already knew some of my future classmates from a WhatsApp group with the students who entered my study programme this year, but now I was able to share with them in person. That was very fun.”

sofIa cifuentes alarcoón

Sofía Cifuentes Alarcón, Civil Industrial Engineering

“I had a lot of fun. I was able to meet some of my fellow students from the faculty and my study programme. I especially enjoyed the dance activities and competitions. The activity was very well organised.”


Felipe saez luna

Felipe Sáez Luna, Nursing

“It was a great week! I really enjoyed the activities. In one competition, we had to get as many people as possible into a square and that was very fun.”

Joaquin henriquez contreras

Joaquín Henríquez Contreras, Telematics Engineering

“I was able to interact with a couple of my classmates and other students of my faculty. It was great to get to know them before the classes start. This welcome week also shows that UFRO is a university that cares for its students, assuring that we have a great start.”

Pia nahuelfil rodriguez

Pía Nahuelfil Rodríguez, Law

“The energy of my fellow faculty members was so great. I did not only share with the students of my study programme, and I enjoyed the activities with everybody of the faculty, who wore the orange shirts. It was a lot of fun because the teams of all faculties were very motivated.”

Matias valverde zuniga

Matías Valverde Zuñiga, Law

“The welcome week was really great! You can see that UFRO cares a lot for its students, because of the high effort they put into planning these events.”

Sofia moya quinilen

Sofía Moya Quiñilén, Medical Technology

“I liked this welcome week very much. I was able to get to know a lot of people, such as my future classmates.”



Written and translated by: UFRO Communications Office