movilidad estudiantil

A wide range of activities awaited the national and international mobility students during the orientation week, organised by the International Affairs Office to familiarise the students with the university and the city of Temuco.

At the welcome ceremony, the International Affairs Office of Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) welcomed the 25 national and international mobility students, who will spend the first semester of 2024 at the Faculties of Law and Business (four mobility students); Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (nine mobility students); Engineering and Sciences (five mobility students); and Medicine (seven mobility students).

Antonia Espinoza of the Student Mobility Office explained: “Our welcome programme for national and international mobility students includes this orientation week, which aims at helping the students to get to know our campuses, services, administrative processes, and extracurricular activities, as well as to receive academic advice. In addition, it helps them to adapt to this new environment, also thanks to our Buddy Programme, with UFRO students, who orient and help them with their adaptation, so they are well-prepared to face the challenges they might have to confront during their stay”.

In this regard, the students from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands started their journey by getting to know the enrolment process and details for subject registration for their semester at UFRO. The orientation week also included a presentation by the Student Development Office, about issues related to student health and support.

The Training Development Office also presented the elective subjects the students can choose from, as well as the language course offer, which includes Spanish and English, among others.


During the week, the mobility students also had the opportunity to get familiarised with the Andrés Bello Campus, on a tour, where they got to know the Central Library, the 24-hour Study Hall, the canteens and cafeterias, as well as other important places on the campus.

Another highlight of the week was a guided tour around the city of Temuco, where they visited the most emblematic places, such as the National Railway Museum and the Urban Park “Isla Cautin”.

During the workshop “Living Abroad”, the students were able to acquire important knowledge and tools for their time in Chile, and on the last day of the orientation week, they enjoyed the welcome activities organised by the Buddy Programme of UFRO, to be fully prepared for their start at UFRO.


Written and translated by: UFRO Communications Office