Money Exchange

Chilean official currency is Chilean peso (CH$ or CLP). Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and currency houses, called "Casas de Cambio", for which additional documentation is not required.
You can also use credit cards to withdraw money in ATMs.



Each student or professor must arrange their accommodation upon arrival to Temuco. The Student Mobility Office & the International Affairs Office can give information, contacts and assistance to students/professors who need shared household during their stay. Visitors have the following options: hotels, apartments, host family houses, shared households, shared apartments, among others.


UFRO's Buddy Program

Each foreign student who chooses UFRO will be hosted by a local student who will support him/her during his/her placement and stay. The student will feel welcome by the group of buddies, from their trip planning to Temuco to their whole stay in our city. Together, foreign students will participate in different activities organized to promote cultural exchange.




Andrés Bello Integrated Campus
Health Campus (Temuco)
Pucón Campus (Pucón)
Malleco Campus (Angol)
Andrés Bello Sports Center (Temuco)


Maquehue Experimental Field
Rucamanque Ecological and Cultural Park
Las Araucarias National Protected Asset


Agronomy and Forest Sciences Faculty
Law and Business Faculty
Education, Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty
Engineering and Sciences Faculty
Medicine Faculty
Dentistry Faculty


UFRO follows the cutting-edge universities tendency, with a library which offers a "technological habitat" to support professional training, furnishing services and environments that facilitate study, encourage teamwork, and provide leisure areas to enjoy arts and culture.
It has around 123 thousand free access printed texts, more than 220 thousand electronic books, more than 50 databases, more than 30 thousand online visits and thousands of audio, video and image files, in addition to cooperative study lodges, utility rooms, free WiFi area, simulation room, noiseless rooms, picture gallery, showroom, a digitalizing robot and a modern 3D room.


Throughout the year, UFRO keeps a well-stocked list of artistic and cultural events open to the local and university community, with top-level shows.
Also, it has prestigious artistic groups in disciplines as music, theater, dance and folklore.
This university has more than twenty sport teams, along with a full range of sport activities and events carried out during the year. To this effect, it has areas meant for sports in Andrés Bello Sports Center, which has a large infrastructure.


Through its International Affairs Office, UFRO promotes, reinforces and extends their establishing contacts with professors and scientists from excellence institutions. 

Additionally, this Office encourages its undergraduate students and professors international mobility, and joint research in critical topics, as well as the participation of visiting professors.

Today, UFRO has agreements in force with the most prestigious foreign universities and research centers in various countries, through which it projects and spreads its endeavor and vocation, while enriching with new capacities.
The Student Mobility Office facilitates and supports student’s exchange through management, fostering and coordination of exchange and scholarship programs. It also promotes opportunities for foreign students who want to do their internships, take subjects, do undergraduate thesis or other studies in Universidad de La Frontera, making their stay and adaptation process to our city very easy.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.