*Access to this Program only via Civil Engineering Common Plan

Program Information

A Civil Physics Engineer of the Universidad de La Frontera is a professional with the skills to work in the field of physics applied to engineering and project management, to solve production and service issues of varying complexity. The technological training also allows the graduate to contribute to the implementation and management of science-based projects.

The graduate’s hallmark is engineering design with innovation and social responsibility. He/She has a solid basic training in physics and mathematics. In addition, he/she has specialized training in material and energy modeling and simulation, as well as knowledge and skills in instrumentation design and development. This allows the graduate to generate solutions to complex problems; apply and adapt theoretical and experimental physics knowledge, methods, and techniques to materials research and development; implement techniques and instruments for the characterization of physical parameters, mainly in the fields of energy, mining, industry, environment, medicine, and metrology; as well as to formulate and manage engineering projects to develop new products.

The graduate can communicate in a globalized world, work alone and/or in a team, and apply new knowledge through appropriate learning strategies. At the same time, he/she is aware of the ethical responsibilities of the profession.
The training allows the graduate to work in technology companies or scientific research centers of the public or private sector, or self-employed.

Occupational field

The basic and applied training qualifies the graduate to work in industrial, manufacturing, and service production companies in the public or private sector, to work self-employed as a consultant or advisor, to undertake business initiatives, or to continue studies, to contribute to the country´s economic and social development.

*Students who enrolled in the Civil Engineering Common Plan or any other Civil Engineering Program of UFRO in the admission process 2024 must complete all first-year subjects, without the option of subject recognition or validation, to ensure compliance with the new graduate profiles and updated curricula.