Program Information

A Construction Engineer, trained at the Universidad de La Frontera, has solid knowledge in basic sciences and engineering applied to construction processes. He also has a professional specialization based on technological management in construction, and competences that allow him to manage and lead projects and companies of his field, always oriented to achievement and quality, considering the efficient use of resources and their responsibility in the environment. His solid training, including ethical values, enables him to solve technical and technological problems, to make decisions and to guide the materialization and inspection of a construction project in different productive sectors of the national scope.

Occupational field

The training of a Construction Engineer at the Universidad de La Frontera allows the graduate to work in construction companies; consultancy firms and public organisms dedicated to the fields of construction, road works, urbanization, hydraulic works, etc.; participating in the formulation, evaluation, planning , management, control and inspection of construction projects and other technical studies of the field. Additionally, he has the skills to do technical tasks related to the manufacture, commercialization and transformation of different products and components for construction, and to do the quality control of them.